The Virtual
George McNamara

I am still trying this out - the virtual me (that is, what I've put on the internet so far), is beginning to extend further than the real me.

Will the virtual me take over ? Which is better ??

I quite like doing this, and I also tried to do a blog. Although my present life may not be as interesting as my past (see my biography page), and my future may not be very exciting, some interesting things still happen to me, and I make new discoveries that I'd like to pass on.

That's why I thought of trying the blog - 100 years ago I would have written pamphlets. I sometimes have some good stuff emerging

  • my work on discourse and food has something good there, still taking shape, and if anyone is interested in that, I will add further ideas as and when they arise.
  • sort of connected to that is some of the things I might write on "the state of the world". Perhaps I have an odd view of this, and my Post New Age site shows where I'm up to so far
  • then, there are other things - I occasionally create photo galleries, I do things, I go to places, meet people, and I respond in my own independent way to what is going on.

These are the keynotes for the main sections of the blog

I've included a partial list of my sites to the left - some of them are better than others

Strangely, I like building sites (more than I like writing), but I don't like publicising myself at all - probably I need a Sales Department, or at least a manager (applications are invited !)

My Main Sites

Web hosting services
Woodlands Web - "green sites"
Willl.Be - "spiritual sites"
Woodlands Writing - writing services
Whatever-Will Be
  online "pamphlets"
  photo galleries
  "consultancy services"
  full CV
Post New Age
  "History of the New Age" ramblings
  short biography
Discourse Toolbox
Food Policy and Food
Context Analysis technique
Eco-Surrey systems
  Sustainability of Surrey site

This is what I looked like a few years ago

If you are trying to trace me, or want to contact me for any other reason, my main site and formal cv are at or you can send an email to which will be forwarded to me